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IT Services has been a national premier talent acquisition firm exclusively focused on direct hire placement in Information Technologies since 1996. As a retained managed project search firm, IT Services is paid by client companies for placing candidates who meet the company’s technical and corporate culture requirements. Our proprietary technology developed over the past 15 years, gives us access and assessment to a talent pool network of over 10 million candidates. Assessment of which candidate will most likely be successful in the position is our specialty. Top companies grow their businesses utilizing IT Services as their premier direct hire staffing partner.

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Our Score Card at IT Services is one of the highest in the industry and we take our success and failures very seriously. Our attitude, process and tack record puts us in the top 1 percentile of our peers.

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"Our Executive Board is very impressed with the detailed work and outcome from your work on this search. The position is an important hire for us and you’ve clearly earned your fee."
KG – CFO – Fortune 500 Financial Services.

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IT Services is an affiliated company of Talent Partners, LLC